Abercrombie Quartets, Feb 23, 8 pm

And we’re now coming up again on the *twice* rescheduled performance of Abercrombie Quartet with me on keyboard, Harry Tonchev on guitar, Samuel Peters on bass, James Russell Sims on drums, and our special guest, Mark Feldman on violin. It will be Wednesday, February 23, at 8 pm. See you there, and do sign up for the Facebook event if that’s something you do . . .


The plan is still to present this fantastic record from 1980 with the original instrumentation, and also to introduce Mark Feldman’s violin and music from the “third quartet,” the Abercrombie group that Feldman played and recorded with for more than a decade.

Thus we have an opportunity not just to share with you more great music, but also to contemplate threads that lead off from our original focus on the band in 1980 to Abercrombie’s later writing, and the kinds of musical textures and colors he engaged in later groups, and we get to do that with a masterful improvisor and composer in his own right, Mark Feldman.

Mark Feldman

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