Abercrombie Quartet at JRAC

I’m very excited to announce this show coming up in October, Tuesday, October 26 to be exact. We’ll be performing the music of John Abercrombie and Richie Beirach as part of the Jazz Record Art Collective, a fantastic series of performances hosted at the Fulton Street Collective, 1821 W Hubbard Street in Chicago.

The JRAC series does three things at once: it hosts new configurations of Chicago musicians, it brings attention to important but often overlooked or less well known recordings of jazz and jazz-influenced music, and it includes live work by visual artists, available for purchase from the artist in the gallery that is also the performance space.

I’m proud to be checking all those boxes in a way that I think will be very appealing to everyone who can make it to the show. The recording we are interpreting was originally called Abercrombie Quartet, released by ECM in 1980, and then rereleased as part of a three-CD set in 2015, titled The First Quartet. The new cover art is the height of ECM minimalism, with no image at all, just text on a white background. But as you can see, the original record seems be yelling out its affinity for the visual arts.

I will be writing a lot more about this project, the music involved, the other musicians I am collaborating with, and also posting previews of our work. But for now, mark your calendar: October 26!

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